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Jackson A. Robin is an employee turned entrepreneur, marketing coach and an upcoming author. With 12 years of experience in marketing and sales, he has worked with corporate giants like ICICI (Prudential, Bank and Securities) and India bulls. His connection with these large organisations has given him a great room for knowledge and experience about a variety of industries.

However, his ardent passion to know and do more soon took over his desire to serve as an employee and encouraged him to veer towards the life of an entrepreneur. He has understood, interacted and provided tailor-made solutions to over 1000 clients pan – India who are operating across a wide variety of industries.

A normal day in Jackson’s life begins with his morning routine of gratitude, a simple thank you to everyone and everything that has kept him going. When he is not helping businesses grow, he can be found reading or writing his upcoming book titled, ‘Market Or Perish: How business owners can save their sinking businesses with the help of Intelligent Marketing.’

He has also successfully devised a practically doable 5- point action plan that helps in acquiring new customers, ensuring the retention of existing customers and enhancing upselling or cross-selling.

The AIM Program

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Are you worried that you are not reaping what you sowed? Does the fear of not meeting the sales goals you have set for your business give you sleepless nights? Then you are not alone, my friend. However, you are certainly asking yourself the wrong questions. The biggest question here is, “Are you putting in sufficient efforts, and that too in the manner and direction that is required, for marketing all that you offer?”

Why should you be contemplating this? The answer is simple and has a direct impact on the sales you make. You need to plan, channelize, and monetise on the marketing strategies you adopt for your business because marketing translates to sales in the long run. More sales = More monetary gains from your business.

The biggest mistake business owners make is to assume that they are putting enough sweat into marketing their product or service to garner sales. Also, the chaser’s approach is almost always utilised wherein they run after potential customers and rely upon ineffective means like cold calls and poor ads in the process.

What you, as a business owner, need to do is create and implement fruitful marketing and sales strategies that fit your business like a glove. The strategies should be such that they let others know what is it that you do and why they need to choose you, without tapping into your productivity. They say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” They are right, at least partially so. You need to stop toiling in a directionless manner and start doing more to solidify your prospects of professional success. It is time to be a man (or woman) with a plan! You also need a healthy side of the “3Ps for Business Growth”- Process, Patience, and Passion!

Picture this- You are on a road trip and you are lost. You immediately turn to your navigation assistant so that you are directed to your destination. Alternatively, even if you are confident about knowing the way, using the navigation assistant to be aware of shorter and quicker (but unknown) routes doesn’t hurt. This principle applies to your business as well.

No matter what stage your business is in or what your numbers tell you, you need expert guidance to formulate marketing and sales strategies that complement your business and help your sales grow exponentially. This is where Jackson A. Robin and his Acceleration in Intelligent Marketing (AIM) Program come into the picture.

If you choose to go the AIM Program way, Jackson will apply his rich experience in the field of marketing and sales to ensure that you:

Are provided with comprehensive yet practical and easy-to-execute marketing and sales plans that are customised to best meet all your business needs;

Find yourself in a position to concentrate on your core strengths and other aspects of your business without the constant stress of being on your toes to market and sell your product or service pulling you back;

Acquire valuable insights into the secret mantras of successful entrepreneurs, business owners, sales experts, and marketing gurus;

Sell without being a salesman so as to reduce leads to iron pins and enhance your position to that of a powerful (leads) magnet;

Enhance sales by learning the power of marketing automation and streamlining your marketing and sales processes though the same;

Are trained to soon become fit and equipped to handle the marketing and sales for your business independently and cut back on costs and time investments that you make in relation thereto.


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Market or Perish: How can business owners save and grow this sinking businesses with Intelligent Marketing
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