I remember that one day while I was travelling by bus, I had no change and it was quite embarrassing to give him a two-thousand note. Without further ado, an old woman offered to pay for my ticket. Sadly, I had to get down at the next stop and I couldn’t pay her back, but I clearly remember what she had clearly said with her toothy smile:

“Help somebody else in need, that’ll be enough for me”, in Marathi and I got down thinking, “Whoa, in this age where family members are bloodthirsty for each other, this kind woman who probably seemed to live in a shabby area bought a ticket to a complete stranger that too without any expectations!”

After buying stuff from the mall, I bought food from a local cafeteria and tipped the little waiter generously.

I know, this doesn’t really do much justice but it just got me thinking:

‘When we do something good for someone and are the reason for their happiness, we feel good; genuinely good.

This magic therapy is called gratitude, and there are a lot of ways to practice gratitude! You can keep a journal and reflect on your own, you can call up an old friend and let them know how much you appreciate them, or you can celebrate the people in your life with a small token of appreciation like a handwritten letter or tight hug. To help you get started with practising gratitude, we have listed a few different ways you can practice gratitude by yourself, with your loved ones:


This is a great way to start recognizing the positive things in your life. In this, you can takeout some ‘me time’ and start applying at least one or few of the following activities:

  • Maintain a journal: If a pen and paper isn’t your thing, take your laptop or phone and start jotting down everything you’re grateful of. When you read this (by your future self) you’ll understand how amazing and insightful this is!
  • Go out and be with nature: If you’re scared of animals especially dogs, try befriending them. Ask any animal lover and they’ll say they trust dogs more often than humans and yes they are right! So, go feed a furry friend. Who knows, you’ll make a friend for life one day!
  • Reunite and Rekindle: Let us admit it, we were all stupid in our childhood and we all have made mistakes in the past. If someone from your past still bothers you, reconnect with them. Tell them how much you appreciated them and confess to them about your shortcomings (or vice versa if you were the victim)
  • Pick a hobby: Be it learning a guitar to impress that girl you like or start sketching again in your free time, relieve all that stress in the form of art and see how much your mind thanks you.
  • Refrain from gossiping: Gossips are common in offices but you have a choice to either give in or refrain from it, for your own mental peace.


Doing things with your loved ones could be tricky, but when done right it can create miracles, let’s see how:

  • Do an act of service every day for your loved one, be it as simple as giving a glass of water even without asking, serving them an extra spoon of their favourite dish, asking him/her about their day in general and so on.
  • Savour life together with a smile. It is fun when your partner loves you and jokes with you. Life is short so start embracing this life by cracking some internal fun jokes and puns.
  • Listen to your loved one. Make time at the end of the day to sit down with your loved other and listen to their day.


Little things matter and those details are what people in and around your business notice. Be it your employees, clients or even yourself at times!

  • Thank them: At the end of the day, thank your employees for their efforts for the day. With clients, you can send them a personalised thank you message for their presence in your life.
  • Compliment them: People love compliments and sometimes even a single and subtle compliment is enough to make their day. Compliment them when they do something great, no matter how big or small.
  • Add Value: Adding value to someone’s life can be very useful. Make a habit and start adding values to everyone’s life.

Gratitude is a wonderful, beautiful feeling! You really have nothing to lose when it comes to expressing the gratitude you have for your loved ones. With this, let me now rush to the kitchen to make a surprise cup of coffee for my mother.

Wishing you all the success
Jackson A. Robin