The company Apple has turned 44 today and as a marketer, it is hard not to write about such an empire which the two Steves (Jobs and Wozniak) have created, secured and taken ahead to reach further great heights.

This iconic company was founded on the 1st of April 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The Apple 1 computer was the first launch of any apple product and that marked the success of the brand.

Let us list down the lessons we learn and thank Apple for:

1. The Right team:

Apple has a great way of making its employees feel at ease and comfort, resulting in having some of the friendliest employees who provide the best service around.

Apple makes it a point to hire some of the choicest people with winning personalities and clever skills.

Like they say- An enjoyable experience isn’t always accomplished by technical know-how but it’s created by warm, awesome people that make your customers feel welcome and appreciated.

2. Keep it clean and minimalistic:

People hate to see clutter, it makes them feel uncomfortable and displeasing to the eyes.

Every Apple design has a sleek simplicity component in it as it is reflected in their designs of their gadgets, interface and layout of their stores.

They believe that a clean experience leads to a better experience that creates a long lasting impression in the minds of its customers, resulting in lifelong loyalty.

3. Sticking to principles:

The motto of Apple has always been people-centric – Enriching Lives. And for Apple, this statement is a pretty big deal, to the point that the employees of apple stores are encouraged to carry a credo card with them to remind them of this passion towards the people.

4. Realistic workforce:

Where other businesses are keen on having good looking employees with good clothes and communication, Apple wishes to take a step forward and employ ‘real people.’

Now what are ‘real people’? Real people who have no qualms in being in their own skin, they all come from different walks of life, different culture and ethnic backgrounds. Where hair colours and tattoos don’t define your ability, neither does your age, gender, sexuality; it’s all about having the right kind of attitude.

People at Apple don’t have to fit in a mould and pretend to be somebody else and this is exactly what Apple aims to showcase to the world: Every person is welcomed.

5. Focus on benefits:

Instead of hard-selling, Apple likes to market the benefits of owning an iPhone, laptop or iPad. Apple sales professionals focus on the ‘selling the sizzle.’

Their purpose is to understand your needs and take the solution home with you, thus enrich your life.

Apple has really redefined what having an experience really is and we are grateful for the founders of Apple. Cheers to more milestones!

Wishing you all the success!

Jackson A. Robin