Much has been said about the virus till date, we have WhatsApp forwards stating that apparently garlic can cure the novel coronavirus while our finance minister has provided relief measures over taxes and for the poor because of how deadly the situation is.

Don’t worry, this blog isn’t about busting myths or anything but more on its after effects. From big business houses to medium and small enterprises, every employee has been working from home, which has become the trend of many memes.

Work from home isn’t a novel concept, it’s quite ancient and there are many jobs that offer such kind of work, especially for writers and designers who can easily sit at home and work as at their own leisure.

But this leisure factor is only in the initial days. As days pass, it becomes a bit tricky to juggle between office work and house work (now that you’re finally home, your mom would be happy to have an extra pair of helping hands) and if you don’t help at home, you can choose to face her wrath.

But let’s get one fact straight, today is the mark of completion of one week of lockdown and we have two more weeks to go, but does that mean we will keep on facing problems and struggle to conduct office activities? Oh no.

It all depends on your attitude towards your work and your work ethic. Work ethic refers to the hard work, passion and diligence you put in your work and strengthen your abilities and character. Simple stating, it means prioritising your work and having the determination to work better and efficiently.

So I’ve listed certain tips as to how you can work efficiently and productively in this quarantine for the job you still have:

1. Wake up early: Most us feel that it’s okay to wake up late and do things accordingly but No! You’ve got to wake up and make each day productive. You cannot ruin your sleeping pattern because of 21 days shut down. Remember, 21 days is enough to turn something into a habit, so if you wish to be a sleeping beauty, after quarantine, beware of its after effects!

2. Structure you day out: Every day is a brand new day right now, and so it becomes very vital to chalk your day out. Start with the morning activities, office work, house work with time for recreational activities and leisure and plan them accordingly. In the end, you’ll be an organised person with a few more skills to add in your CV.

3. Treasure your mental health: I’m sure for many of you, lockdown has made you very stressful, anxious and even gloomy. You tend to sleep more and often with no hopes of getting up and doing chores which affects your productivity and efficiency. I get it. These are tough times but we need to stay strong and stay together okay? If you’re feeling even the slightest of discomfort, and you wish to let it all out, talk to your friends and family about it. Once this is over, you would’ve found a stronger set of friends and family ties.

4. Find your ‘Happy place’: Try finding the best location with great lighting, comforting seat, plug points, easy access to air and where nobody can disturb you. When you have nothing to do, there is a possibility that even a slightest of distraction can hamper your productivity for the day. Take note you have enough munchies and water intake.

As a business owner, I completely relate with the joke I’d read days ago:

“Coronavirus has proved that most corporate jobs are just exchange of emails, texts and calls and nothing else.”

Stay strong, stay calm

Wishing you all the success!

Jackson A. Robin