Jackson Robin

Who is a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant is someone who helps organisations improve their performance. Marketing consultants provide coaching skills on marketing, device fool-proof, and time-tested strategies, guide how to implement a marketing campaign, use tools like search engine optimisation and run Ads on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram to generate quality leads.

So what makes Mr. Jackson A. Robin so different from other marketing consultants, let us find out below:

1. Marketing Mastery Seminar:

In its most rudimentary sense, a seminar is a meeting in which a lot of people gather under a roof and learn about a topic. In a seminar, ideas are exchanged and analysed, connections are made, people learn about different topics and discuss real-life examples, etc.

Why and how can seminars boost your brand and goodwill and strengthen your presence in your industry?

Good Seminars Boost Motivation:

Seminars are informative, but good seminars are motivating, so whenever you attend any seminar, do expect to be motivated, filled with enthusiasm and ready to get back to work! You will be inspired enough to apply a new technique you just learned in a seminar.

Seminar speakers, who have experience, realize that the attendees have high expectations and expect to be entertained and inspired that’s the reason why seminars are informal, funny and refreshments are provided.

The objective of a seminar is to bring new life to your business by teaching you to apply new, tried and tested strategies you might never have known about before. Therefore, make most of this external stimulation and sit down with a cool head, devise all the strategies you wish to implement and apply them soon after returning to your office; otherwise, you would have wasted the function of the seminar.

The best thing about Jackson A. Robin’s marketing consultancy is that he always tells this to his seminar attendees:

“What you write, you invite. What you don’t, you won’t.”

That is why take notes. If you feel like this idea can work for your business and provide you leverage, write that down!

Educational Importance of Seminar Attendance:

For people involved in businesses, entrepreneurship or sales, people can gain valuable knowledge at seminars. You can learn how to create an effective marketing plan, how to manage timings and your employees, how to be a better leader or a better salesperson. Jackson A. Robin, a marketing consultant makes everybody involved in the discussion

Seminars Extend Your Networking Opportunities:

Who doesn’t like more connections? And that too impromptu face to face interactions!

Attending seminars provide an excellent opportunity for business people to network there. Meeting professionals or even international people can help you enhance your connectivity in different parts of the country or even world. Seminars, especially when the spokesperson lets you introduce yourself to the whole room, it gives you a chance to make your best impression and earlier you reach the venue, the more you can interact with other attendees and network with them. You can get new contacts or business or meet people who could help you in the future.

If you stay at the office, simply focussing on your daily work, you will miss a golden opportunity to interact and meet potentially prized contacts.

Although if you’re expecting immediate results and rewards after networking, then reduce your expectations. The thumb rule of networking is that you should not ask for anything from someone you’ve just met.

Enhance communication skills:

Attendees can improve their language by taking seminars. Seminars help people interact with people which will turn out to be valuable in their future life. Not every person goes through a formal training of communication and seminars can be one such platform where they can express their thoughts freely.

Jackson A. Robin has designed his signature 03-day marketing mastery program for all those budding, established entrepreneurs or employees who wish to augment their business scale and learn the secrets of powerful marketing. Being a marketing consultant, he has thoroughly researched and assimilated all the secrets of marketing and successfully educated his attendees about the same.

2. Webinar Series:

Now you must be wondering, why webinars when you have the giants like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or even TikTok for that matter, at your service?

Why choose a webinar over a series of giant social media platforms. The reason is quite simple:

To Establish Credibility:

There are many ways of establishing credibility like blogging or guest posting, but the reason there is a huge emphasis on conducting webinars is because not many people are doing it.

If you present your topics in an engaging manner, you will become their go-to person for the topics.

When you actually conduct a webinar, you’ll understand the difference between penning your thoughts down versus you speaking your thoughts aloud; it provides you a lot of perspective.

You are speaking live to your audience, which makes you aware of what you’re speaking, also it builds trust.

With webinars, you have an opportunity to enhance your online relationship with your audience and take it a step further. For example, when you go live during a webinar, your audience can express their thoughts and ask your questions and you can hold discussions with them.

Share Expertise:

For example, Jackson A. Robin started marketing about his A.I.M seminar by conducting webinars. With his over 10 years of experience in the field of marketing consultancy and management and business consultancy, he still believes in the power of webinars, simply being put, he can talk about his area of expertise skilfully because he knows what he’s talking about.

If you’re a marketing coach, you could talk about the recent marketing trends in 2020 or something related to your core field.

Always remember, your webinar must have a takeaway; blabbering nonsense for hours with jokes isn’t going to help anybody unless you’re a comedian!

Promote your Brand:

You get to promote and enlarge your reach on your terms. You get to talk about your brand, what you stand for and your product and service.

Given that you are the marketer of your brand, it becomes very vital for you to explain to your audience what problems does your brand solves.

For example, if you’re planning to launch a new product (as an upsell) you can start your webinar for that very product and may upsell or cross-sell your previous product.

Generate Leads:

The most important reason probably why people do webinars: To generate leads.

Webinars allow you to grow your audiences gradually and naturally. Webinars allow you to grow in a big way, which eventually can grow more with ‘word of mouth’ marketing. Increase in the views of your webinars help you connect with different types of people, who could be your potential clients or potential suppliers.

Jackson A. Robin a marketing consultant, based in Mumbai has trained over 5000 business owners in marketing and sales. Webinars are crucial in today’s times, given the fact that people and business houses are slowly catching up. By using different techniques of promotions like a poll in the end or a master question, whose right answer shall fetch you a hamper or something on these lines, has actually helped a lot of business persons reach out to their audience and bond with them. Along with webinars, you can also try sending them personalised email blasts about the reminder of the webinar event. This helps make the bond stronger. It is the duty of a marketing consultant to ensure that his/her client is taking advantage of every method which is available and applicable to the client’s company and Jackson makes sure that every opportunity is taken advantage of.

3. One to one programs:

In the current economic environment, it is important to understand the importance of one to one counselling sessions which is nothing but an exchange of insightful ideas, framing tailor-made strategies and after implementation analysis.

Exchange of information:

Getting all the information available possible is perhaps the first reason why people seek one on one consultation. The consultant will have to compile every inch of information he has about his respective client’s industry and the company and its competitors.

The consultant needs to be an expert at his job and must be accurate and up to date with the latest information.

Customised strategies:

Seeking solutions has always led to designing tailor-made strategies. With updated information and knowledge of relevant elements, the consultant would be able to understand what the problems and the concerns of the client are and accordingly craft strategies in order to combat the existing problems of the company.

Constructive criticism:

A company needs to understand that constructive criticism is a part and parcel of growth and the quicker people understand the better and faster they’ll elevate to success.

During one on one session, it becomes easier to interact informally and provide constructive criticism to the client. This gives rise to the trust factor and a lifelong understanding and relationship between the consultant and the company.

Coaching and teaching:

A marketing consultant not only gives advice but also coaches them i.e. prepares them to tackle the problems in the future. He also teaches them how to not make hasty decisions, how to analyse situations and to keep calm and come up with tactics that can actually benefit the company.

A marketing consultant has to be alert, updated and aware of his client’s position and capacity and Jackson A. Robin has helped over 100 clients in personal one to one marketing and sales coaching. Along with that, he has designed many programs and delivered lectures and conducted workshops and training sessions in different companies in different industries.

4. Onsite Sales training:

Having a competitive advantage is what sometimes makes all the difference, and in this cut-throat market situation, an advantage is a game-changer. As much as having an operations team is vital, having a powerful sales force is equally important.

A well-trained sales team can easily influence a potential customer and convert him/her into an actual customer.

Customer loyalty:

Sales training and coaching naturally enhances a person to person connection which is mandatory to gain loyal customers. 71% of people are influenced to buy a product based on trust and credibility and if your sales person is trained in a better manner then he/she has more chances of selling the product than its competitors and that is how customers turn loyal towards you.

Improved communication:

Special training programs and sessions are quite beneficial for the overall improved communication in the company. Salespersons must take care of the fact that the customers understand your product or service quite well enough to make a judgement because if they don’t, you fail in educating them and Jackson always says:

“Don’t sell, educate your customers.”

Successful communication can only happen through effective pieces of training and one on one session which results in connecting people with their products or services they require. Communication skills are not only significant for sales professionals but also for business professionals. Good communicators are always an asset to the organisation.

Increased sales:

Of course, this is a result of good training sessions, which lead to improved communication which ultimately leads to an increase in sales. It is the sales department that bears the pressure of being the ‘revenue-generating’ department in every organisation.

In this evolving world where every company focuses on their customer, it is the responsibility of the sales force to take advantage of this situation and offer the right product to the right customer at the right time.

Training sessions with the sales staff ensures that the energy is shifted towards the end goal and not wasted on pleasing people.

Better administrative skills:

Many salespeople may tend to overlook main aspects of functions like tracking daily activities, analysing ratios, lead generations, keeping records, etc. and do all the odd jobs like making sales calls and prospecting. These are signs of an average salesperson.

A good salesperson would do the above tasks diligently and learn new techniques like using software programs.

Keeping that in mind, Jackson A. Robin has curated special training programs for the client’s marketing and sales team.