So yesterday night, I was scrolling through my instagram feed and finishing up my quota of consuming pleasant nonsense from the bizarre internet world and I came across these digital coaches from different fields putting across their wonderful ideas; be it beauty, branding or just life, these coaches have inspired and helped millions of people.

It’s interesting to understand every coach and their set of formulae as to how they captivate their audiences and create a niche for themselves. I do believe that these coaches do a very important work in developing a society.

Now, I am a marketing coach and needless to say I love the work put forward by Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robins in their respective arenas but this isn’t about the established coaches, the following tips are for those budding coaches who wish to make the world a better place.

1. Pick Your Forte:

Master Coach Steve Mitten compared a coach to disco balls and laser. I know, it seems insane but it is so true on so many levels! Imagine a disco ball at a party and its beautiful yet dim beams of light getting scattered into a million, faint, fleeting images across the floor. Most coaches are like disco balls, their content and engagement seems very fickle, generic and ineffective on a larger scale but on the other hand, a laser is a concentrated beam of light, focussing on a particular object. The marketing equivalent of a laser is developing a niche.

In carving a niche, you tend to differentiate yourself from the rest of the coaches. You make a place for yourself where your strengths, past experiences and your zeal meet in the marketplace. You build awareness about your coaching and your build relationships. Once you carve your niche, people automatically revert to you.

The reasons why having a niche is important, because it’ll help you:

  • Understand your client’s problems and speak their language.
  • Understand how your services will benefit your customer.
  • Understand how to reach large number organically.
  • Understand the competitive world

2. Do not attempt to sell:

Not every person in this world needs coaching also not everybody knows what coaching exactly is and how it’s helpful. Therefore, take baby steps. What I’d suggest my fellow coaches is to never attempt to “sell” your coaching. Instead, what you should do is “market” your coaching. Marketing as you all know has become a very crucial tool in making people aware of any new product in the market. If implemented successfully, it can yield greater results and you shall prosper.

Coaching engages in the individuality of the person and enhances the person’s persona in the virtual world. It develops and nurtures a relationship that creates awareness, links the client with their deepest emotions and gets the most meaningful and life changing results. People mature and change with a coach.

3. Publicize yourself:

To be in the radius of your clients, you need to be visible, and publicity keeps you in the eyes and minds of people. Although be careful while using this as it may backfire and you might end up losing what you’ve already created for so long.

It is very important for a budding entrepreneur to be a confident and an admirable speaker hence conferences and workshops are two eminent places where one can show their oratory skills.

Conferences allow you to share your experiences and expertise with others in related arenas. It gives you a golden opportunity to even connect with people who aren’t related to your business. Although some conferences pay for speakers, some conferences ask you to volunteer. Either way it’s a win-win situation which will help you meet potential clients and enhance your contact range.

There are certain tips to keep in mind while speaking at a conference:

  • Always keep your speech short and simple, peppered with some facts and humour. Nobody likes a 2 hour dragging, monotonous rant.
  • Have short, quality hand-outs for the participants at the program and include your contact information.
  • Conferences aren’t a place to promote you, it’s a place to share and discuss ideas and opinions. Follow the tips and you can invite business with ease.

Workshops are a way to augment your personal and professional development. Attending workshops give you the leverage, a upper hand in your field as you’ve gained extra information and can easily utilize it in future in your coaching tutorials.

Publicising yourself means you have to be always ready with an introduction letter, business cards and posters about you and your business and also be ready to talk and share about yourself anywhere possible.

4. Have a killer team:

Meet your colleagues regularly and discuss your ideas and opinions with them, almost every day. This does two things:

  • Fuels your passion every day.
  • Doesn’t allow your focus to shift.

The reason why discussing your ideas with your colleagues is important because ‘One person isn’t equivalent to one company.’ It is a team effort, a collective effort of your great team; with productions, sales, marketing and graphic department, etc to name a few. Your killer team also serves as a coach on a certain level; by discussing you get more ideas from one another, ideas which might not have been discovered from the previous discussion.

Every group member is an asset as they all know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and so, when opportunities come up, they know whom to refer to. They say a successful team beats with one heart, so have an amazing team on your side to win and influence people on a larger scale.

5. Master your art and keep growing:

Whatever you choose to do in your career, you have to strive to become a master at it and keep growing, keep learning new things about life. The better coach you become, the better you’ll be able to understand your clients and provide them a customised solution suiting their needs. There are some coaches who are great at what they coach but hate marketing but little do they realise that good marketing equals good coaching; both provide holistic solutions after listening to your clients.

Always remember, the more you grow, the bigger the market you can coach. The amount of value you provide in your content, the more effectively you can coach, as it is tied to your overall growth and development. If you truly believe in the power of coaching and your ability to enhance a person’s life, your life would be much easier.

On that note, let me go back to my routine and consume some more pleasant nonsense. Wishing you all the success!