Who knew the month March in our country, which normally makes us activate our ‘tax saving’ mode would now make us activate our ‘life saving’ mode.

Yeah, the situation is intense, pretty bad in many places but that doesn’t mean we can give up, right?

As much as I’ve invested my time in learning and reading about marketing and applying it in daily life, I have learnt one thing for sure: “ Good marketing may sell your product, but great marketing will make sure the person buys it from you no matter the situation.” That’s the power of marketing.

But you might feel, ‘Is it too insensitive to market your product while the rest of the world is in shock?’

Although it would be advisable not to launch a new product or service, but that doesn’t mean marketing will stop altogether. At stations, how many times we’ve seen vendors selling hand sanitizers and gloves and masks in the name of the protection, and so many people actually buying it!

So it’s actually more about educating the people and tuning in with their emotions and less about shamelessly marketing your product.

These are the times when people need to understand what empathy is.

Imagine being a patient or his/her family member

Imagine being the only breadwinner of the family and you lose your job

Imagine having a house with no roof, no protection, and no hygiene

But does that mean we can’t do anything about it? Hell yes we can.

You could prefer small restaurants over big fancy ones for your takeaways.

You can prefer small shops over big ones to buy your groceries

Or you can simply help, share and donate essentials to the needful

It is as basic as that: Empathy

In the marketing world too we empathise with our customers and solve their problems in the most positive way, which is why I’m going to mention a few tips on how you can create genuine empathy among your audience, connect with them and make them feel that they are not alone.


By showing your quarantined location (hopefully your house), you can not only engage with your audience but also adds a personal touch. Taking a stranger to your house and showing them every room and item you cherish and love has never been easier! (For all the good reasons, of course!)

You can start your mini- series or do an activity while telling others to participate in it. Who knows? The future CEO of the company is somehow good at calligraphy with thousands of people rooting for you! Seems wonderful, doesn’t it?


These days, there’s a sudden rise in the comedians to do podcasts, if you may have noticed. Maybe not just comedians, but even actors, celebrities and even common people have felt the need to channelize this mutual distress and anxiety and connect with their audiences for spreading peace, calm and positivity in these tough times. Make sure that you care for them and are there for them, always.


There are many who may have left writing because they had other dreams to follow, but now is the time to brush up that skill-set and start typing your thoughts out! In this content marketing strategy, you can easily let people know your thoughts, your feelings and your opinions. You can hold activities, games, or even one on one interaction with your audience, or better invite guest bloggers with a reputable following.

WhatsApp Forwards

For world’s sake, for society’s sake and for humanity’s sake, would you like to bust some myths that have been spread like parasite? Or better, would you like to spread your positivity in this time of despair because that is exactly what people need. You can draft insightful forwards by using proper graphics to support the facts and send it across your peers, clients and family to do your part and give them strength to fight.

Moment Marketing

Now, this is where things can get a little tricky.

As a brand, the last you would want to come across is as being insensitive and uncaring about people’s feelings. Lately brands have been showing their support on ‘Janata Curfew’ by separating the elements of their brand, but my favourite has to be the brand TVS. With a running horse as their logo, for this campaign they simply made the horse stand with one line, ‘Don’t ride today.’

I liked their audacity to literally oppose for what they stand for because they showed they care. Just be careful to not spread the wrong message.

Email Marketing/SMS Blasts

Did you know, that even in the 21st century, people love emails! They love playing the mail game and not a day goes by when people don’t check their emails. Why not put this addiction information to a good use? Draft weekly or monthly ‘Care’ mailer for your clients, maybe a different mailer for your employees and a different one for your family members because why not? Similarly you can use SMS blasts and send wonderful one liner to all, supporting and showing your strength.

Online Lead Generation

While you don’t have an option but to sit inside, you can market your product online by lead generation campaigns with the help of running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram and LinkedIn Ads. The best part about running these Ads is that unlike hoardings, pamphlets and TV ads, these give you proper statistics with contact details of the person who clicked on your Ad and with your effective sales team and customer experience team.

So, what’s it going to be huh? Mailers, vlogs or podcasts with guests?

Well, my job here is done to enlighten you about the wonders of marketing tools which you can use to create a sense of calm, peace and harmony in these trying times.

For more insightful information on marketing, management and business consultancy, connect with me on LinkedIn at Jackson A. Robin or log on to jacksonrobin.com

Wishing you all the success!

Jackson A. Robin