Here is what people have to say about me

I am in the business of creating success stories and case studies. The ulitmate thrill and happiness one can ever get is by seeing people grow and excel. If people get what they expect, you have done nothing significant. But when people get 10X more than what they had expected, you have done something significant not only for them but for the business ecosystem as a whole.

I am on a mission to help 1,00,000 people grow in all walks of life and business. I research, work hard, build systems, programs and courses only to show the world what they deserve to get. I don’t educate. I offer practical wisdom, understanding and knowledge to conquer against all odds.

“Due to the Pandemic, hospitality services and tours and travels sectors were struck badly and had a Negative impact on our business. There was a thought that weather we can revive this or not. That made me search for knowledge to revive. Every body were saying that “Nothing can be done“. However, when I took Master class of Mr. Jackson, I felt that there are many people like me in same situation. Their formulas were tried and tested, and when you absorb them and implement them it shows guaranteed results.

After the 5 day master class, I felt I really wanted to grow my knowledge and become Marketing head of my brand. So Marketing Expert course was gifted by my husband. Mr. Jackson A Robin’s video class gave me more and more knowledge and confidence in my business. Within the situation prevailing, that month we sold 75 k biryanis in our restaurant. People started noticing our Hotel as a brand. He has given 100 times more than we expected from his course. We have joined his community, where we learnt many hidden secret formulas to bounce back into new normal. So I would recommend others to select that right person who imparts knowledge. Jackson has touched our Business to grow and develop it in appropriate way.”


Shruthi Shenoy

Marketing Expert Secrets have improved me in all the aspects of my business. Marketing ideas from the course are simply fabulous and I would like to quote this: “All ideas in one plate”. It’s like a doctor prescribes a medicine.

So, the course has been worth much more than the money spent. It is better than an MBA degree when it comes to marketing. No one teaches these in business school. It is highly recommended for everyone wanting to up their marketing game and change the course of their business for good.”


Vibhu Kalra

“People say change is hard. It is, but it is much more achievable when you have Jackson A. Robbin as your business coach and mentor to guide you through the new verticals. I was lucky to have Jackson as an coach during a period of time where I needed to change my business style in this COVID pandemic.

I learned a lot from “MARKETING EXPERT” – an online course of “Jackson A. Robbin”, I learned marketing values, building a high-performing marketing system, and providing a vision with enthusiasm to run my travel agency business in a new normal way. Jackson is an excellent consultant and guide for business-to-customers & as well business-to-business companies. Jackson helps me work on the business instead of just in the business. Thank You, Jackson!!”


Rajkumar Welekar

“I invested into the Marketing Expert course 2 months back Approx. That time I was curious did I took a right decision and what new is I’m going to learn.

But with the completion of course till 51% I’m happy to recommend JR Marketing Expert Course any day.
Eager to better your game in Marketing, I personally feel one should join. New ways of branding/advertising !!!”


Jatin Sachdeva

“As a professional, I started my career in Operations & Projects and eventually, I developed my forte in the same, where as Marketing was not my cup of tea.

However, after joining Jackson Robin’s “Marketing Expert” program, I got the insight of marketing. While I was learning Jackson’s Marketing Expert course, the same I was able to implement in my existing business and could fine tune the business model. Here I could get the knowledge on different perspective of marketing. I got the understanding about the importance of marketing over other functionalities. Within the initial few days, I learnt that marketing is not a rocket-science and is a process to executed and implemented in a meticulous and systematic way. Also, I learnt the difference between Sales & Marketing. Thanks so much Jackson Robin & Team for creating such a great course content and. The course language and the videos in the course are very simple. And the weekly calls on the challenges and realistic examples are really worthy. I recommend all marketing aspirants to go for Marketing Expert Course. Not only marketing aspirants, this course is highly recommended even for Business Start-ups, Solopreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Wishing Jackson Robin & Team all the very best.”


Deepak Kanabar

“Learnings on Marketing Expert course opened many avenues to new market for my business as I never thought of. Now, my tourism services are reaching out to people from tiny hamlets in rural India to people from Canada, US, New Zealand, UK, Taiwan and Japan.

The Marketing Expert Course is all about the magic to connect with people and build a community to exchange our best possible services and products. This is new age internet power to reach the one who is waiting for me for what I have to offer my best services and products. Truly it gave a new lease to my business. Thanks to Jackson A Robin’s Marketing Expert course.”


Ravindra Bhaware

“We have been doing marketing for some time to get customers through offline and online mediums. We have mainly been getting queries and customers through portals which is quite competitive and difficult.

I came to know about Marketing Expert Secrets course from a friend and decided to enroll as I felt something was missing in our Marketing. I was not very good in the new age marketing techniques and strategies, so I decided to give it a try. I started doing this Marketing Expert secrets course and I must say I am very impressed and very happy with the outcome. This course has given very valuable insights in understanding our customers and how to create more value. I am amazed by this. I highly recommend Mr Jackson’s Marketing Experts secrets course to anyone who wants to add big value to their marketing and marketing goals. All his work is well researched and well thought and if you use it, it’s going to result in a big change in your life. The value you get it almost 10 times and if I can take the liberty to say, its superior then what any MBA institute will teach about Marketing as a subject. Working with Jackson and his team have been awesome. It is like a family and he creates such a nice atmosphere where you learn, you share, and you help each other. It’s very valuable and I highly recommend it.”


Sameer Kumar

“After undergoing the online course – Marketing Expert Secrets from Mr Jackson on marketing strategies, I had a lot of value addition which was unknown to me.

Also, I am slowly trying to implement those techniques for our organisation. The best part of Marketing Expert Secrets course is the methodical study material and professional approach towards training, which I liked the most. The learning value has been more than 10 times of the investment done. Looking forward to implementing more marketing strategies and getting positive results. Thanks a lot, Mr Jackson & Team for giving us a wonderful learning experience. I recommend this course to anyone and everyone as it gives a holistic approach to Marketing. It is like ten courses combined in one. After undergoing this course, you will not need to go for any other coaching on Marketing.”


Somnath Das